Bodies to the river

by trading heroes for ghosts

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released October 2, 2015

Recorded Oct 25th 2014 @ Dead Air Studios by Will Killingsworth.



all rights reserved


trading heroes for ghosts Bennington, New Hampshire


Anthony Guadagno
John West
Don Koivula

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Track Name: You only YOLO once
You grew rust, cut your wings. fell back into graves that you thought you escaped. you grew rust, captured weight and I can’t believe that things have changed. sleepwalk, leave my hand. These days they just don’t gleam like we thought they use to .By and by, with hearts all disguised. an institution, your empty alibi. it’s a noose, fuck your noose. where guilt lays waiting empty he'll own you. all entwined and frayed. no love no answers. Something old, something new, something’s wrong and it’s you.
Track Name: Burned alive (to death)
He leads a life of misery. He leads undocumented failures. Whether there's no one left, He's sure to self-destruct when there's no one left. Who will hold your hand? Count your steps. All that is left is a shell of a man and the heart of a self-obsessed boy. Time to grow up. dwayne's world party. never a sweat off the brow. dwayne's world party. not any dirt under the nails. we share the same bloodline. I met a lot of weak but you're the worst. spare me the story, spare me the "glory"
Track Name: Uncle Touchies Puzzle Basement
in fierce arcs I swing, with all I have. No light of day can give it away. rapt with disdain, you'll bleed for me. please end me now, trembles from your cords. smiling, leaving the dark clouds behind. no one can save me now. that stark sky, use to rule my (horizon). no longer in sight, god damn it feels right. I no longer can be the old me. someone call the fucking ambulance.
Track Name: Bodies to the river
dare I say that tonight will be our last dance? crowned off by our own negligence. out to sea, please don’t forget about me, I swear I fucking mean it. we're at that fucking precipice where we're letting go or dead marching it. out to sea ,please don't forget about me, I swear I fucking mean it. god damn these knees, they fail me at my last gasps. now were all so demised, like bodies to the river.
Track Name: Tastes like Mexico
knew my heart could bare this weight. the swords thrust at bay (I wait). every breath closer to fate. don’t take, my heart, my mind, the strength I've built inside. the fields of doom bare death as its harvest. we're just tied and bound, the fuel for this darkness. fear only nurtures, the cold, the void. wear these scars, like a halo. over my heart, please don’t let go.
Track Name: Local on da eights
when I miss home I think of you. I've gone through hell, with your hand. you're the only reason I'm still here. I want to thank you for it all. right now it’s you and I. the battle to survive. there's no one I rather live on for more. everything that have we've worked for. when I feel I can't go on, It's your love that carries me. I promise to never let go of your light string. I will never go on without your hand.
Track Name: Doniel Boone
with the force of a thousand horses. hooves in sync, my mind filled with hate, with the force of a thousand horses. I was used in a game of useless power. everything ( I worked for gone. So I had to make) the hardest fucking phone call. this won't kill me this won't destroy me. the last thing that you'll get is what you deserve. I guess you never know what goes on in the mind (of terrible people). I wish that I could destroy your name.
Track Name: Friends of the road
If these limbs break, I'll come crashing through these walls. head first, just to tell you "all is lost". take my shaking hands, sigh, and we'll dance. until the flames send us off.